Friday, October 14, 2005


It's your first trip alone to New York and you are so awe struck you can barely think. You try not to look like a tourist and the way you walk can only be carried off by the young and hot. Dark lashes cover blue eyes and an attitude of sexuality thats raw and in plain veiw. The bright lights of up town almost blind you and at first you don't notice the long black limo keeping pace with you. The sleek jet black car stops and the window glides down to reveal an elegant older woman with a warm smile. She motions you closer and when you ease up to the window she asks if you could use a job.It's like a dream you once had and of course you answer yes. She opens the door and as you slide in you notice her beautiful long legs peeking out of her dress in a slit down the side. The beauty of youth is they feel no need to hide lust. Your desire swells as she crosses and uncrosses those georgous limbs. You're instantly aware this is not an ordinary job and this is no ordinarly older lady."My god but you are a hansome young thing! "she smiles and draws you closer by your thigh.Her hand slides up that thigh till it grasps that rock hard stick you dont even try to hide."What would it take to taste this?" she asks and licks her lips."Is she kidding?" you think. Your first wet dreams where so close to this very thing that you can't even answer her. She slowly unzips your pants and slides to the floor in between your knees. "Lean back and relax" she purrs ,"and momma will make it feel soooo good". Her red lips close around that sweet shaft and you almost faint it feels so damn intense............. Call granny to talk live! Toll Free GRANNY JEAN