Monday, July 17, 2006


It’s well after the time when the businesses in this area have closed. I’m late getting home, as I walk to my car the only sound is my high heels clicking on the pavement. It has gotten cooler since I arrived at work this morning, I clutch my silk blouse closed at the neck and wish my skirt was longer and warmer. The thong panties I chose to wear today do even less to keep me warm as the breeze rushes up past my stocking clad legs. When I reach my car I set my purse on the hood and start to dig out my keys. I never get the chance. Someone slams me down on to the hood. Knocking the breath right out of my body!
I’m so shocked, I can’t scream out!
Not until I feel your weight crushing me. Your rough hot hands, one covers my mouth and one jams up my skirt. Strong muscled legs force my knees apart and you whisper in my ear not to yell or I’ll never go home again!
It’s so isolated here in this parking lot. I know it would do no good to scream out. I feel you shove my skirt up to my waist and the cold blade of a knife slice away my panties in one quick stroke. Your bare hard cock is already wet with pre-cum as you force yourself up inside me. I’m yours totally-completely to do with as you wish...nothing can stop you, and nothing will....