Monday, August 22, 2005

Wicked stepmommy

While Nelson was in a deep sleep, he had a wonderful dream. He was lying in a field, staring up at the stars, listening to the birds chirp, while a hand was stroking his hard cock. "Mmmm...." he mumbled. This dream is just too good to be true, his unconscience told him. Open your eyes, his brain screamed. The hand in his dream was then replaced by something cold and wet...almost like a mouth. The stroking had been replaced by soft, wet licking and sucking. "The best wet dream I've ever had," Nelson's unconsciousness told him.
And then he opened his eyes.
To his horror, Nelson looked down to find his stepmother's head bobbing up and down on his hard cock. From his vantage point, he could see she had removed his pajama bottoms, and she was only wearing a thin, V-neck t-shirt.
"Hey, what are you doing?" the exasperated boy panted, still shocked at the sight of his cock completely engulfed in his stepmother's mouth. "You can' can't..." he screamed.
"Just lay back, or I'll have to hurt you," muttered Janice, who released the boy's cock only long enough to belch out the words "I'm going to fuck your lights out, and there's nothing you can do about it."
Nelson struggled initially but knew it was futile. Janice outweighed him by a good 40 pounds, and in her inebriated condition she was just too strong for the boy. She was not a nice drunk, that's for sure. Janice continued sucking the boy's cock, forcefully taking the entire thing in her mouth like it was a chew toy she had been denied for 5 years. Janice was literally eating this boy up. She hadn't had cock in about 5 years, was horny as hell, and had some pent-up frustrations toward young Nelson that she just had to "release" in some form or another.
"I either rape you, or beat you," Janice said as Nelson struggled. "It's your choice." Nelson, realizing he was living out virtually every 15-year-old boy's wet dream, relented and told Janice: "Okay, I'll choose the rape."
Janice, satisfied that she had the young boy's cock as hard and wet as she could manage, stood over the boy's hips, hiked up her t-shirt, and began squatting toward his pulsating penis. Nelson could only gasp at the sight of her big, blonde triangle as it glistened in the moonlight through his bedroom window. His eyes followed the trail of blonde hair as it slowly made its way to the tip of his cock...lower...and lower...

Call me if this appeals to the boy needing to be punished ...