Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Jean cupped her hand under her naked breast and squeezed the flesh, causing the nipple to jut out obscenely. She reached with her free hand to the back of his head and slowly pulled his face very close to her dark protruding nipple.
Even as he watched, he could see the tiny bumps around the areola becoming more defined as her nipple swelled and became fully erect. " Do you like to suck titties , or is this all you can handle?"
He never got a chance to answer as she suddenly thrust the hot, blood engorged nipple against his mouth, and demanding he suck it now! That was just the begining of what she demanded of him.From then on, he was only allowed what she saw fit to let him have. Enter a world where you are there for my pleasure if you think you can handle it.
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Monday, July 17, 2006


It’s well after the time when the businesses in this area have closed. I’m late getting home, as I walk to my car the only sound is my high heels clicking on the pavement. It has gotten cooler since I arrived at work this morning, I clutch my silk blouse closed at the neck and wish my skirt was longer and warmer. The thong panties I chose to wear today do even less to keep me warm as the breeze rushes up past my stocking clad legs. When I reach my car I set my purse on the hood and start to dig out my keys. I never get the chance. Someone slams me down on to the hood. Knocking the breath right out of my body!
I’m so shocked, I can’t scream out!
Not until I feel your weight crushing me. Your rough hot hands, one covers my mouth and one jams up my skirt. Strong muscled legs force my knees apart and you whisper in my ear not to yell or I’ll never go home again!
It’s so isolated here in this parking lot. I know it would do no good to scream out. I feel you shove my skirt up to my waist and the cold blade of a knife slice away my panties in one quick stroke. Your bare hard cock is already wet with pre-cum as you force yourself up inside me. I’m yours totally-completely to do with as you wish...nothing can stop you, and nothing will....

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Hi again to my bad boys! Grannys been a busy girl and if you want to know what Ive been up to call me and I'll fill you in. The holidays give me plenty of parties full of hot young cock to choose from and choose I did! I still feel the cum dripping down my legs! You can never tell the size of a cock by the size of the young man. More than once you sweet little pieces of meat have given me a shock at how big you can get for me. Yum. OK ,enough of the droolin, I want to tell you all ther details but I sooo hate to type. Call Granny soon hun....

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Just my Slutty thought for today....

Reach down and stroke that thick hunk of meat while my fingers claw at my cunt, wishing it was you. Listen while I make it real for us. Can you hear me scream inside for it never to end? Are you ready to go there with me? I will do any thing to take you along on a mind fuck that would amaze even hard core flesh worshipers. Your cock drives my cum craving body till its the only thing I can think about. Nothing else exists, just wave after wave of intense wonderful complete release. Can you feel it?
Somtimes it feels so damn perfect I have to laugh out loud and I shiver with the fucking pure fun of it all. Damn baby, come to me soon!

Friday, October 14, 2005


It's your first trip alone to New York and you are so awe struck you can barely think. You try not to look like a tourist and the way you walk can only be carried off by the young and hot. Dark lashes cover blue eyes and an attitude of sexuality thats raw and in plain veiw. The bright lights of up town almost blind you and at first you don't notice the long black limo keeping pace with you. The sleek jet black car stops and the window glides down to reveal an elegant older woman with a warm smile. She motions you closer and when you ease up to the window she asks if you could use a job.It's like a dream you once had and of course you answer yes. She opens the door and as you slide in you notice her beautiful long legs peeking out of her dress in a slit down the side. The beauty of youth is they feel no need to hide lust. Your desire swells as she crosses and uncrosses those georgous limbs. You're instantly aware this is not an ordinary job and this is no ordinarly older lady."My god but you are a hansome young thing! "she smiles and draws you closer by your thigh.Her hand slides up that thigh till it grasps that rock hard stick you dont even try to hide."What would it take to taste this?" she asks and licks her lips."Is she kidding?" you think. Your first wet dreams where so close to this very thing that you can't even answer her. She slowly unzips your pants and slides to the floor in between your knees. "Lean back and relax" she purrs ,"and momma will make it feel soooo good". Her red lips close around that sweet shaft and you almost faint it feels so damn intense............. Call granny to talk live! Toll Free GRANNY JEAN

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Blackmailed Fun

"Hi Jean, how are you today?""Oh fine, John. Not in school today?""No, I took a day off to take care of some personal things. Can I help you with those packages?""Thanks John, I appreciate that."John took the packages and followed Jean into her kitchen and placed them on the kitchen table. "Thanks John.""Awww, that's OK, Jean. Anything for you... if you know what I mean."Jean didn't know what he meant, and was a little curious about his comment.John moved up behind Jean and whispered into her ear, "Boy, you really smell great. What is that perfume?"Jean, more than a little startled, jumped, turned quickly, smiled and said, "John, that's a little personal for such a young man to be asking, don't you think?"John smiled back and said, "Actually I didn't think it was as personal as if I asked you to drop to your knees and suck my cock!""Wwwhat! What did you say?" Jean stammered. She must have misunderstood what the boy had said."I said, or at least inferred that I would like you to suck my cock!"Jean was aghast. "John you can't talk to me like that. That is very inappropriate language and if you leave now I will forget that you ever said that. Now leave my house this instant!""Well, Jean, before you act so quickly perhaps you would like to see what I have in my back pocket?""John, I don't care what you have in your pocket. Get out of this house now!"John reached into his back pocket and took the set of pictures he had printed and tossed them onto the kitchen table. "Well now, lets see how you react to these."Jeans reaction was swift. She grabbed the photos, quickly scanned them then ripped them into pieces and threw them in the trash.They where nudes of her. John just stood there smiling."I don't know where you got those John, but there gone now so get the hell out of my house!"Those were just prints off my computer. I have the entire file on a disk and can print as many as I want, so get off your high-horse and let's get down to business, shall we?"Jean said nothing. She was too shocked to say anything. Finally she spoke, "John I can't do this and won't do this. Your a teenager and my next door neighbor. This is against the law. I won't be bullied or blackmailed into sex by you or anyone!" I don't give a shit if its against the law or not and if you don't want your husband and the entire neighborhood to see these you will do as you are told, is that clear?"Jean thought about what John was saying. What could she do? "OK John, come over here and I will do this just this one time. But no more, do you hear me?""Jean, it's not going to be that simple. Look bitch, you will do as I say... Do you HEAR ME!"She was startled, but realized that there wasn't much she could do right now so she decided to do what he was asking.OK, John. I'm sorry. What do you want me to do?""Well for starters, ditch those clothes.""What? Do what?" she said."Get out of your clothes. I want to see your tits and cunt and right now."Jean started to disrobe. She unbuttoned her blouse, took it off and put it on a kitchen chair. Next she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Standing there in her bra and panties, she blushed red and reached behind her and removed the bra. John admired her and watched intently her strip act. He had never been with a naked woman and his cock was getting rock hard. He walked up behind her and reached around and started playing with her breasts and tweaking her nipples."Good , now get the panties off."She grabbed the sides of her panties and slid them down her legs. ......
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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Bobby loves mommy's milk!

"Come and sit beside me." She patted on the sofa-cushion next to her. I did as she said and sat down beside her."I couldn't help noticing that you were looking at my breast." I blushed I tried to come up with an excuse. "It's ok Bobby. There is plenty of breast milk left if you want to taste some. I mean, since you don't remember if you've tried it."First I hesitated, but then I leaned forward and softly stroked her breast with my fingertips.Mom breathing deepened and she leaned back and closed her eyes. I took her nipple in my mouth and began to suck on it. The milk had a lovely taste and I sucked it out of her as my hand squeezed and massaged her other breast.My mom liked the treatment I gave her and she was sucking on one of her fingers and stroking her golden blond hair while I was milking her. As she ran out of milk in the first breast I moved on to the other and continued to feed on her."You like my milk?" I just moaned a yes as I kept drinking. "Oh, yes! Bobby, you're my favorite baby!"I knew I wanted more of her so I began to ease my hands down her body slowly. Mom didn't seem to mind so I slowly opened her white bathrobe. She was nude under it and I started to move her legs apart to get access to her cunt. At first she did some resistance but when I placed one hand on her shaved pussy she spread her legs willingly.I let go of her almost empty breast and got down on my knees in front of her. She grabbed my head and pushed it against her wet pussy."Oh, baby! You had your milk, now it's time for some juice!" I spread her pussy lips and softly licked between them with my tongue, tasting her salty, slimy fluid. I let my tongue do a slapping motion against her cunt and clit and it drove her wild. She was rocking her hips violently and she cried out her orgasm!I licked her juices clean from her and gave her clit a kiss before a stood up. I pulled my cock out from my boxers and it stood right out in front of her face." Is it time for me to taste your milk?" I didn't answer her, instead I pulled her by the hair towards my dick. She grabbed my balls with one hand and guided my cock into her mouth with the other. She took it all the way in and than worked her tongue over the head. I panted as shesucked my rock hard cock."Oh, that's it mom!" I panted as my saliva covered cock moved into her mouth.
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